Wichtiger Hinweis!!!

Sehr geehrte Gäste,
liebe Freunde der Gastronomie an Bord der Seute Deern.

Nach dem Brand am 15. Februar 2019 wurde die Gastronomie leider dauerhaft geschlossen. Wir hoffen, Sie an unserem neuen Standort, dem Wulsdorfer Buernhus ab 2. November wieder begrüßen zu dürfen. Es gibt bereits jetzt großes Interesse. Deshalb können Sie Reservierungswünsche direkt mit Herrn Schmidt (0471 / 96 90 77 88) besprechen, oder wie gehabt im Menüpunkt Reservierungen auf unserern neuen Webseite www.wulsdorfer-buernhus.de. Alle Mails kommen wie gewohnt an und werden schnellstmöglich bearbeitet.
Gültige Gutscheine der Seute Deern können dann im neuen Betrieb eingelöst werden

Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen
Jens Schmidt und Mitarbeiter



Bremerhaven has preceded almost all other cities. One can, for example, dine on a real old Windjammer.  " Seute Deern " is not just an old , one-time cargo sailing ship. This ship belongs together with the Bremen Hanse Kogge ( 1380 ) on the World Heritage List and both are owned by the National German Maritime Museum .

This ship has a corresponding obligation of gastronomy at a high level of its cultural significance. The ambience of Windjammers puts the guest in nostalgic indulgence. In the former cargo hold, crew and captain's cabins, where once drums , boxes, logs and sacks filled with exotic goods were stowed is now were enjoyable or atmospheric festivals are celebrated.

The large cargo hold can be despite its enormous dimensions where guests can enjoy a rustic, cozy atmosphere. For a smaller company , we recommend the "Captain's Cabin", "Rumlounge" and the "Salon".

The galley (kitchen) has always been particularly important on ships: In those days the crew worked very hard on sailing ships, and they constently needed good, hearty meals. Had passengers been on board, the menu had to meet the high expectations of the paying guests.

The kitchen on the " Seute Deern " now offers a discerning ballance of gourmet and traditional seamans fayre. The brown bread with pickled herring or " Labskaus " -  typical sailors meal - are a la carte , as well as a challenging Captain 's Dinner , sole and Limandes . For the guest who has no appetite for fish, there is an equally extensive choice of soups . This is also true for the drinks - rum and champagne - all aboard!

In brief - whether alone, in pairs or with 120 people: The on board ship's cooks and stewards will always ensure the well being of the guests.

Cargo hold (seating for up to 120 guests): In the former cargo hold, crew and captain's cabins, where once drums , boxes, logs and sacks filled with exotic goods were stowed, is now were enjoyable and atmospheric festivals are celebrated.
Crew mess (seating for up to 36 guests): The room was were the crew cabins were located, has been lovingly converted into a rustic dining room for groups up to 36 people. Perfect for private groups and coach parties.
Captain's cabin (seating for up to 20 guests): In this beautiful location wedding ceremonies can be performed on board. It is also ideal for all other family celebrations and reunions. Please note that in this room food must be previously ordered.
Salon (seating for up to 10 guests): Separated by a glass wall from the hold area this is particularly well suited for small family gatherings. With the comfortable surroundings you can still enjoy the rustic, cozy atmosphere of the ship.
Rum lounge (seating for up to 6 guests): The antique furnishing in this room are from the Bremer Warehouse Company club room, where once sat company directors and managers. Card games, red wine, tobacco pipe smoking and business dealings were commonplace in the club room. For those guests requring a special evening with a small selective company.

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